Artificial Insemination

Embryo flushings are a special way of multiplying valuable or rare genetics. Selected cows and heifers are flushed with the intention to produce more than one calf per year. 45 Days or more after calving, a special program is started to cause multiple ovulations....

Embryo Flushing

Embryo Transfers (ET)

Cryo Preservation

Embryos can be frozen for many years and seem not to deteriorate as long as they are suspended in liquid nitrogen. We freeze embryos for the following reasons: *Excess embryos from donors after filling recipients. *Building up a storage bank for the breeding season.*Selling genetics without selling the cow.*Export...

After gently flushing out the fertilised seven day old embryo's, they should preferably be transferred warm/fresh into recipients within 8 hrs. The  fresh embryo gets drawn up into a  0.25ml straw, loaded into an extra long pistolet and carefully transferred into a recipient...

Timing, hygiene and technical

AI-competence  are essential for a successful flushing.

Semen quality has to be assessed before the start of a program to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

If possible use  fresh semen diluted with an antibiotic containing semen diluent. Fresh semen maximises the fertilisation rate and increases embryo quality.

A bull can also be used to cover a donor cow during her standing heat. Great care should be taken to avoid contamination during natural mating. The sheath of the bull should be rinsed out properly with sterile water before covering and the prepuce hair should be trimmed and washed.


A single AI is usually not sufficient to fertilise all the time spaced ovulations. Therefore our programme recommends at least 2 AI's, twelve hours apart.

The use of two or more bulls       (i.e. multisire) enhances fertilisation rate.

The simultaneous use of different batches semen of the same bull can also be beneficial in the conception rate.

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Pregnancy Diagnosis

Consultation & Assessment

Pregnancy diagnosis is best done at 6-8 weeks after the transfer of embryo’s.

Placental implantation only occurs around 42 days. It is thus best to do your pregnancy check after this time period, as the pregnancy is more certain to carry full term after implantation.

Pregnancy diagnoses should be done by an experienced veterinarian/technician. Early (3-6 weeks) detection of pregnancies is best done with an ultrasound scanner. From 6 weeks on, palpation and scanning is of equivalent accuracy for the experienced operator.

Due to our experience with numerous different systems and the exposure to many successful programs, we can help you custom build a program that will work for you.

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